Planting Roses in Pots in the Garden -

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Planting Roses in Pots in the Garden

februarie 28, 2018

The roses with the root at the pot can be planted throughout the year with the exception of the period of frost. On these you can order and plant in the garden anytime during the year, even if it would be in full bloom, because the roots have developed in the earth of the pot. When transplanted a rose from the flower pot in the garden or in pots large decorative you have to be careful tăiți the pot from the plastic so that the ground didn't get past the root.
A rose in flower pot allows you to have in the garden that the rose special that you want to create in your garden a instant impact of color and fragrance, without waiting the period of rest vegetative.
A rose to flower pot can be an ideal gift for the anniversary of a special friend, wedding of a loved one or other special events. FamousRoses.I suggest a collection of exceptional roses with the root to the flower pot: roses in pots
For the arrangement of a space of the story we have selected for you the most beautiful and appreciate the roses in the world that I brought from France by the famous growers Meilland Richardier and Georges Delbard. So you can choose the unique varieties of roses with blossoming repetatata and spectacular colors with which to create a space full of color and fragrance.
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If you have purchased or received a rose at the flower pot you can transplant it into the garden by following the simple instructions below. This will provide a happy place for the new you rose.
Step 1: In the place chosen for planting, dig a hole larger than the dimensions of the pot.
Step 2: Cut and remove only the bottom of the pot with plastic. This technique of planting is for our roses because ghivecile our are filled with black earth (ciornoziom) and manure.
Step 3: Put the rose with the pot without the bottom in the middle of the pit with the scion at ground level.
Step 4: Cut the pot vertically and remove it.
Step 5: Fill the pit with earth, and sunk it well.
Step 5: Soak the rose in abundance with a minimum of 10 gallons of water once, so the water will get to the bottom of the pit where there are roots. In the first 2 weeks, water the rose very often until it looks well established.
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