INES SASTRE : Climbing Rose : Bred by Meilland Richardier : France - FAMOUS ROSES

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INES SASTRE : Climbing Rose : Bred by Meilland Richardier : France

A spectacular creation from Meilland Richardier, France. It is the dream of our clients and is one of the most popular roses in the world. It is a famous rose that has won its reputation due to its surprising colors. It will surprise you with shades of red and white and creamy strips. The abundance of blooming will impress you, the flowers are formed in clusters of 5 to 16 flowers. "Ines Sastre" is more remarkable as it produces large flowers of about 100 petals. Excellent resistance to frost and disease. At maturity, its very attractive and healthy foliage reach heights of 2m +. Unfortunately, the stock for this rose is limited, we invite you to order this rose today because, just like in other years, it will be exhausted very quickly.

Species: Climbing  Exposure: Sun  Disease resistant: Extremely good  Flowering period: From May until frost  Height: 2m  Planting distance: 1-2m  Fragrance: Yes  Flower diameter: 11 cm Medals: No

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