PRINCESSE CHARLENE DE MONACO <br> - Hybrid Tea rose - -

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- Hybrid Tea rose -

This generous rose is dedicated to Princess Charlene de Monaco. It brings magic in the garden and offers a pastel color festival at the time of blooming. It is a modern, charming and romantic appearance. Its pink flowers, with about 68 petals, has a delicate and romantic fragrance. The leafs are shiny green, and it has a very decorative foliage. This wonderful rose has already received six medals, including three "coupe du parfum", and the Gold Medal at the Roses Nouvelles International Geneva competition. It is a remarkable rose in the garden and magic in the hand of florists specializing in floral decorations. "Princess Charlene de Monaco" has excellent resistance to disease. The flower has an average diameter of 11 cm and the adult plant reaches heights between 80-100 cm.