ROSE DE RESCHT <br> - rose for jam and tea - -

€ 5,99 Livrare Oriunde in Tara. Livrare Gratuita pentru comenzi mai mari de € 99

- rose for jam and tea - is known as important supplier of roses for jam Rose de Rescht. Our success is because we offer to our customers guarantee for gripping. If roses will not be ok, they are replaced with no other costs. Also we guarantee variety and superior qualityof our roses.

'Rose de Rescht' is a floribunda from damascena family with a maturity height between 60-80 cm and blooms profusely, in waves, once at 3-4 weeks. It is a very beautiful rose extremely perfumed. So , your garden will have a gorgeous ornamental aspect and the jam from storeroom will have a taste and fabulous fragrance.

Rose de Rescht was discovered near the persian town Rasht. This rose does not need advertisement. You will realize why only after you smell the flower of this rose. It has a strong and pleasant fragrance and the colour of the petals is pink to purplish red. Blooms profusely, in waves , once at 3-4 weeks and has a big flower , with aproximatively 50 petals. It has a strong resistance to frost, disease and pests. The bushes are grafted and produce flowers from the first year after planting. The planting is done at least 80-90cm between plants and between rows you can leave at least 1m.

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