Ingrasamante roses - Pack of the Summer -

€ 5,99 Livrare oriunde in Romania

Ingrasamante roses - Pack of the Summer

This package of fertilizers is designed for the maintenance of the rose in the period May - August. Applying these fertilizers you will have a garden with roses much more healthy and beautiful. These fertilizers are from the professional range, characterized by a high solubility and fast action. They offer a nutritional intake accurately and balanced which allows the roses and plants to express their fullest potential in terms of quality and quantity.

The package contains 2 products:
- 1kg - KingLife 20-20-20 + Trace elements (Fertilizer for the period May - July, apply to the root, 20g in 10 litres of water) sufficient for 500 liters of water.

- 250ml - Magic P Star (Fertilizer for the period May - August, apply by pulverizre on the leaves, 15ml per 10 liters of water) - enough for 160 liters of water.