ALAIN SOUCHON : Hybrid Tea Large Flowers Roses from Meilland : France - FAMOUS ROSES

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- Hybrid Tea roses -

With help from creators of new varieties of roses, nature gives birth to truly fascinating masterpieces. Here we can boldly put this rose with large flowers, named "ALAIN SOUCHON".

The fragrance of this rose is strong and rich. Depending on the climate and other external conditions, you can feel strong shades of strawberries, anise and / or fresh raspberry. It was awarded for perfume at Roeulx, Buenos Aires, Saverna and Tokyo.

And if you keep in mind that blooms in several waves throughout the season and has flowers also between waves, it can be said that it has flowers all the time.
Each flower has a certain identity and individuality, the flowers are of a bright red-cardinal or have more than 100 petals. The rose is resistant to heat and disease. Imagin a gorgeous rose bouquet , romantic, perfumed, that lasts more than a week in vase. Taking into account all this, it becomes clear that every gardener should have this rose in the garden.

Species: Hybrid Tea  Exposure: Sunny  Disease resistance: Very good  Flowering period: From May until frost  Height: 90-100cm  Planting distance: 50-60cm  Perfume: Yes  Flower diameter: 13cm  Awards: 4 medals

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