JEANNE MOREAU <br> - Hybrid Tea rose - - FAMOUS ROSES

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- Hybrid Tea rose -

An exceptional rose for a great lady of French cinema: its large flowers with 100 white azure petals and an inky perfume are worn by a dense foliage. Blooming early, very abundant and uninterrupted. The numerous rewards earned endure the perfection of this rose, such as the Geneva and Saverne Medals for Fragrance in 2002, the Baden-Baden Silver Medal in 2002, the Le Roeulx Certificate in 2002 and the Gifu Bronze Medal (Japan) in 2008. The generous flowers have a remarkable diameter of 14 cm and a very good resistance to vase as cut flowers. The height of the plant at maturity is 80-90 cm.

Jeanne Moreau is also available as a stem rose.

Colors : White  Uses : Mass plantings, Single, Cut flowers, bouquets, Borders  Height : 0,50 - 1 m  Width : 0,30 - 0,70 m  Light preferences : Sun  Decorative interest : Decorative blooming  Blooming period : Repeat Blooming from May to frost  Fragrance : Very fragrant

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