Rose bushes for Spain. We deliver bare root and potted garden roses all over Spain.

Spain rose bushes, rose plants.
From Malaga to Bilbao and from Castellon de la Plana to Santiago de Compostella. In Palencia and Plasencia, in Cuenca as well as in Toledo. Spain may be big, but there isn’t a place that we can’t cover in our colourful and fragranced rose petals.Our wonderful roses, carefully packaged and dispatched, are ready to bloom into a fiesta in any Spanish garden.
We know that they are ready to bloom because we deliver roses with a growth guarantee. And it couldn’t have been any different, as these are high quality roses, famous all over the world, winners of medals and awards in international rose competitions.
Some are even inspired by Spain and Spanish culture, so why don’t you explore them all to find out how you can bring into your garden a Velasquez painted by Meilland Richardier or an Ines Sastre of the gardens created by the same breeder. Maybe you would like other famous names from the world of roses, like Souvenir du Docteur Jamain, Munstead Wood, Eric Tabarly, Orange Sensation or Florentina.

Remember that no matter which your favourite is or where you are located in Spain, we will make sure that our beautiful roses make it quickly and safely to your home.