The care of the rose garden - FAMOUS ROSES

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The care of the rose garden

The roses are not very demanding, but requires minimal care to bring you maximum satisfaction. You just need:
Them wet and put them fertilizer when it's necessary.
To prasiti and to remove the weeds from around them.
To remove the vines rootstock and the flowers dried.
To treat against diseases and pests.
Watering the roses and treat with fertilizer
Because most of the roses on which you can find on our website are flowering again, you need to make sure they have enough water and fertilizer.
When watering roses, make sure that no water falls on the leaves but only at the root of the rose.
The fertilizer would be good to be added after each blooming. You can use the same type of fertilizer that you used when planting the rose.
The removal of stems rootstock and dried flowers
The vines rootstock are new stems that grow beneath the scion. These new strains must be removed because, otherwise, they will end up suffocating the plant.
It is also necessary to remove the dried flowers to help the plant to keep the energy for flowers new. The formation of a fruit of a rose means 3-4 new flowers less.
Cutting roses
The roses need to be cut once a year, in spring, to help the plant to have a growing and a blooming more harmonious.
The correct cut of the roses
Cutting too far from the bud Cutting too close to the bud Cutting ideal
Our recommendation is to cut half of the stems of the roses and before the cold season. The following table will show you how to cut roses throughout the years.
The cutting after planting the Cutting in the spring of the next Cutting in the third spring
Pruning roses bushes at plantation Pruning garden roses bushes the second Spring. Pruning garden roses bushes the third Spring
Now you have all the information and you can start to select the roses that you want to purchase!