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Roses in the Pots, WARRANTY Grip, Garden Roses

To order roses in pots access the menu above. For every rose you have the possibility to order with bare root or with the root in the pot.

Along with our roses in pots receive a bed excellent for the roses. The mixture of soil in the pots is composed mainly of manure and black earth that bring an important contribution of nutrients for the rose. Also contains a small proportion of peat and sand for the mixture to be more airy. This mixture is a pampering for the roots of the roses.
Roses with roots in pots can be planted in the garden throughout the year, even if it would be in full bloom, because the roots are trapped/rooted in the earth of the pot. When transplanted a rose from the flower pot in the garden you have to take care that the earth does not detach from the roots. For safety you can trim the pot in the plastic so that the ground didn't get past the root.

A rose with it's roots in pots allows you to have in the garden that the rose special that you want to create in your garden a instant impact of color and fragrance, without waiting the period of rest vegetative.
A rose to flower pot can be an ideal gift for the anniversary of a special friend, wedding of a loved one or other special events.
FamousRoses.I suggest a collection of exceptional roses with the root to the flower pot:
If you have purchased or received a rose at the flower pot you can transplant it into the garden by following the simple instructions below. This will provide a happy place for the new you rose.
Step 1: In the place chosen for planting, dig a hole larger than the dimensions of the pot.
Step 2: Cut out the pot from the plastic so that the soil in the pot should not be spread or become detached from the root. Inspect the roots from the outside of the ball of earth. Some of you might be tangled up or to have grown circular. In case you notice the roots that have grown circular straighten them or if they are tangled're doing them with her hand. Avoid cutting the roots as much as possible.
Step 3: Place the rose in the middle of the pit with the scion on level ground and fill the pit with earth from the garden or bought.
Step 4: Typing with your hands the earth around it, so as to remove any air pockets.
Step 5: Soak the rose in abundance with a minimum of 10 liters of water. In the first 2 weeks, water the rose every day until it looks well established.