ANNY DUPEREY <br> - floribunda rose - - FAMOUS ROSES

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- floribunda rose -

"Anny Duperey" a spectacular rose with a special resistance to diseases, parasites and pollution, without requiring treatments or pesticides, rewarded with the prestigious ADR Award. Extremely early, this rose will produce the first flowers in your garden, with 85 yellow golden petals and a pleasant fragrance. It is a generous rose with a clustered inflorescence, a very dense vegetation and unbroken flowering. At maturity it reaches the height of 80-110 cm.

Colors: Yellow  Uses: Mass plantings, Single, Hedges, Borders  Height: 1 - 1,5 m  Width: 0,70 - 1,5 m  Light preferences: Sun  Decorative interest: Decorative blooming  Blooming period: Repeat Blooming from May to frost, Spring, Summer, Autumn  Perfume: Yes  Buissonnant bearing

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