JUBILE DU PRINCE DE MONACO <br> - floribunda rose - - FamousRoses.eu

€ 5,99 Livrare Oriunde in Tara. Livrare Gratuita pentru comenzi mai mari de € 99

- floribunda rose -

'Available in Autumn 2018, October-November'

The bicolour effect of this rose, with white and red petals, is exceptional throughout the season. This is a rose that is remarkable both by the abundance of bloom and by the special qualities of the plant and the very high resistance to disease. The Jubilé du Prince de Monaco rose received the Golden Medal in Buenos Aires, and the most prestigious reward in the US, AARS (All America Rose Selection). Flower diameter is 10 cm, with about 35 petals and plant height of 70/80 cm.

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