Rose bushes for Croatia. We deliver bare root and potted garden roses all over Croatia.

Rose bushes for Croatia. We deliver bare root and potted garden roses all over Croatia.

Dozens of Munstead Wood, Eric Tabarly, Orange Sensations or Florentina are ready to relocate to Zagreb and Zadar. Other boxes containing Allegro, Sachsengruss or Rosarium Uetersen bushes are about to move for good to the gardens of Karlovac, Sisak, Rijeka or Pazin. That’s where they will put on colourful shows, they will offer fragrance samples to anyone pausing to admire them and they will conquer the hearts of the rose lovers who take care of them every season.

At Famous Roses, we will enjoy preparing and dispatching each and every Croatian order, no matter where from. We’ll make sure that every Alaska, Double Delight or Chartreuse de Parme will arrive safely and quickly at the gate of any gardener in Buzet or Novigrad. We deliver our rose bushes wherever there is a great rose lover who knows a great quality rose.

It’s all about world famous roses, brought straight from their French, English or German creators. These roses are award winners in competitions around the world, prized for their beauty, colour or resistance.

We would rather let you discover each and every rose and find out how you can bring into your garden a Velasquez painted by Meilland Richardier or an Ines Sastre of the gardens, created by the same breeder, as well as other famous names from the world of roses.

Remember that no matter which is your favourite or where you are in Croatia, we will make sure that the beautiful roses make it quickly and safely to your home.

All 100% natural!

Highly Scented Roses

Let’s grow those green fingers

Fill your gardenwith wonderful fragrance. We sell roses that are recognized worldwide for their intense fragrance and their surprising perfume blends.


Climbers to our hearts

Climbers/Ramblers bring new heights of beauty and elegance and put on colour displays, both vertically and horizontally.


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Fairy tale Bouquets

A rose bouquet straight from your garden will always be appreciated. What you do need, though, are roses that would last long in a vase.