Rose bushes for Poland. We deliver bare root and potted garden roses all over Poland.

Rose bushes for Poland. We deliver bare root and potted garden roses all over Poland.

Many gardens in Warsaw, Gdansk, Lublin, Krakow or Poznan will soon open their gates to host the spectacular colour and fragrance performances put on by our Famous Roses. Our Double Delight, Blue Moon or Artemis varieties are ready even now to blossom in Zlotow or Pila, while our Eyeconic rose bushes can’t wait to bring joy to the flowerpots in Pabiance.

We are happy to be able to deliver our famous rose bushes all over Poland. And here at Famous Roses, we will make sure that any Gertrude Jekyll, Julio Iglesias or Munstead Wood will reach as safely and quickly as possible any Polish gardner, wherever he might live, because we deliver our rose bushes anywhere that we can find a rose lover who knows their high-quality roses.

It’s all about world famous roses, brought straight from their French, English or German breeders. These roses are award winners in competitions around the world, prized for their beauty, colour or resistance.

We would rather let you discover each and every rose and find out how you can bring into your garden a Velasquez painted by Meilland Richardier or an Ines Sastre of the gardens created by the same breeder. Maybe you would like other famous names from the world of roses, like Souvenir du Docteur Jamain, Munstead Wood, Eric Tabarly, Orange Sensation or Florentina.

Remember that no matter which your favourite is or where you are located in Poland, we will make sure that our beautiful roses make it quickly and safely to your home.

Allt 100% naturligt!

Mycket doftande rosor

Låt oss odla dessa gröna fingrar

Fyll din trädgård med underbar doft. Vi säljer rosor som är kända över hela världen för sin intensiva doft och sina överraskande parfymblandningar.


Klättrare till våra hjärtan

Klättrare/Ramblers ger nya höjder av skönhet och elegans och sätter upp färgskärmar, både vertikalt och horisontellt.


För oss är det alltid ett nöje att prata med rosenälskare, kontakta oss gärna på telefon: +4 0751 269 077 eller via e-post:

Saga buketter

En rosbukett direkt från din trädgård kommer alltid att uppskattas. Vad du dock behöver är rosor som håller länge i en vas.