Dear rose lovers, welcome!

We know roses are the passion we share with you. For us it is always a pleasure to talk about them and the joy they bring to our life.

We often say that we run one of the most special businesses in the world and we are lucky to have such extraordinary clients. From mere gardners to famous experts and lovers of roses, all share a passion for beauty.

It is for our special clients that we strive every day to bring the most exquisite and praised rose varieties in the world, straight from their famous breeders: Meilland Richardier, Georges Delbard, Kordes, Tantau or David Austin. That means that our rose varieties are genuine and authentic, certified by these world-famous breeders from France, Germany or the United Kingdom.
Our garden also hosts Romanian varieties bred by Stefan Wagner.

But even so, every year, we discover and import new premium-quality varieties, judged in international competitions, winners of medals for their outstanding fragrance and beauty, spectacular colours or repeat blooming.
In this way, we are able to offer a full range of premium quality roses to our passionate clients in the European Union.

Our consistent communication with our clients enables us to stay up to date with their obstacles and issues when purchasing roses.

We’ve had our own fair share. Sometimes bare roots simply won’t establish. Or you think you’ve planted a gorgeous red climber, but you’re surprised to find a white rambler.

We kept thinking about it and we have decided that all our clients should benefit from growth and variety (colour) guarantee.
Should our roses fail to grow or not comply with the variety specifics, we will replace them free of charge.

You should also rest assured that, with everything you have done, are doing and will keep doing, our golden rule is to bring you exceptional quality roses.
This is the blueprint of our business.
We strongly believe that doing things well and ethically is vital to the success of our business. As such, we are very strict in following these principles ourselves.

Ok, we did say for us it is a pleasure to speak at large about our daily business. However, if you still have other questions or would like more details, always feel free to call or write to us.
In the meantime, have a lovely stroll in our online garden.

Have a colourful, fragranced day! :)
Viaceslav BUHNA