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French hybrid tea rose bred by Georges Delbard

Alleluia ®

Alleluia ®

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The noble varieties, of good family, are in great demand all over the world. Some rose lovers prefer to keep them in the garden, marveling at the shades they acquire at dusk, others want their flowers, in a vase, to cheer up their homes from the inside, and others want to give them from the heart to dear ones. 

Alleluia! There is a rose for every rose lover. Alleluia is a spectacular rose from the Delbard family, created in the 80s when bouquets with flowers given from the heart were the most beautiful declaration of love. Alleluia has large, elegant, particularly delicate flowers. This magnificent rose has a very long bud that turns into an elegant and generous flower, in two colors: crimson red above the petal and silver with pink reflections below. 

Like any special variety, it has a spectacular flowering that will surprise you throughout the season. International juries were also impressed, Alleluia receiving 3 medals at international competitions. We, at Famous Roses, among others, would give him the medal for the most spectacular cut rose in a vase. 

Recommended for cut flowers in vases and floral arrangements. The cut flower has a resistance of about 5-7 days. 

Quality 1+ (premium). The bushes are from the 2nd year, they are healthy, obtained by grafting on the strongest rootstock at the moment. It gives the roses vigor and great resistance over time. 

Species: Hybrid Tea Exposure: Sun Disease Resistance: Good Flowering Period: From May until frost Height: 60-80 cm Planting Distance: 60 cm Fragrance: No Creation Date: 1980 Awards: 3 medals

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