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French hybrid tea rose bred by Meilland Richardier



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A magnificent rose, creation of the Meilland Richardier house that was dedicated to the great actress who bears her name "AUDREY FLEUROT". Extremely captivating both for its large, old-fashioned roses and for its very modern disease-resistant qualities. The intensity of the fruity fragrance, the strength of the color, the generosity of its flowering and the robustness, so many facets that will attract all gardeners and lovers of fragrant flowers.

Appreciate all the qualities of this variety, planting it alone or in mixed borders. Very floriferous from May-June until frost, the AUDREY FLEUROT ® Meicatess rose generously offers its spectacular roses in successive waves. Voluptuous, its roses reach up to 14 cm in diameter in full bloom! The very double flowers arrange their hundred petals as in a deep cup, as in a romantic heart full of love, like the most beautiful old roses. In perfect harmony with their romantic shape, they chose an intense and bright purple pink color. 

Adding to their charm, which could not be more romantic, is a sublime fruity fragrance with notes of citrus nuanced with exotic fruits (mango) that can be enjoyed without moderation! With their firm stem and good bearing, its roses naturally enter into the composition of sumptuous fragrant bouquets or floral arrangements. Vigorous and balanced, the AUDREY FLEUROT ® Meicatess rose measures approximately 70-90 cm tall at maturity and develops into a dense bush with an erect silhouette. Its sturdy branches are adorned with beautiful, ample, glossy, dark green foliage that has good disease resistance. 

Although suitable for traditional plantings, this rose also works well with other romantic roses of various colors against a lawn background or included in a mixed composition of perennials, bulbous flowers or shrubs. It is a variety that must be cultivated in the space dedicated to cut flowers, for the quality of the roses and their sweet fragrance!

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