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German hybrid tea rose bred by W. Kordes & Sons

Black Madonna (Schwarze Madonna) ®

Black Madonna (Schwarze Madonna) ®

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Schwarze Madonna, as imagined by W. Kordes & Sons in 1992, is a rose character, a diva, a theater actress who plays only for a small audience. You see her elegantly displaying her very dark red velvet, waiting, with emotion, for the repeated blooms throughout the season.

Find time to discover its sublime features and you will realize that Black Madonna is a rare specimen and that, suddenly, your garden will acquire an air of mystery when its slightly fragrant flowers, which have between 26 and 40 petals, will play various roles in front of those who come to admire it. If you are among the lovers of roses in love with noir movies or detective novels, then Schwarze Madonna will definitely be your new favorite character in a garden full of other fairy tale characters.

We, at Famous Roses, have dedicated a special place to this rose that reaches, at maturity, heights between 80 and 100 cm and, indeed, when it blooms, it has something that no other rose has.

Recommended for cut flowers in vase and floral arrangements. The cut flower has a resistance of about 5 days.

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