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German hybrid tea rose bred by Tantau

Eisvogel ®

Eisvogel ®

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A simply charming hybrid tea is easy to find at Famous Roses. Should it also have gorgeous flowers, bloom several times a season, and possibly turn heads when you walk by? Yes, we have many varieties that do this. But there is still something special about Eisvogel. Could its elegant and nostalgic flowers painted pink with slight purple and orange tints be something never seen before in other roses? Or is it its strong fragrance that makes it so desired by rosé lovers around the world? It's hard to figure out.

What we know for sure is that in 2016, House Tantau from Germany created this splendid hybrid tea full of mystery to bring joy to every garden. But also in every home because Eisvogel is also recommended for cut flowers in vases or floral arrangements because its flowers have a very good resistance after cutting. Otherwise, Eisvogel will bloom repeatedly throughout the season, and at maturity it will reach heights of 80-120 cm. 

Recommended for cut flowers in vases and floral arrangements. The cut flower has a resistance of about 5 days. 

Quality 1+ (premium). The bushes are from the second year, they are healthy, obtained by grafting on the strongest rootstock in the world at the moment. It gives the roses vigor and great resistance over time.

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