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French floribunda rose bred by Meilland Richardier

Jean Cocteau ®

Jean Cocteau ®

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Only an original and extremely talented rose could be dedicated to Jean Cocteau! Thus, the JEAN COCTEAU rose combines generous flowering and abundance from May-June until frost, with regular vegetation and infallible robustness. In the garden like in a story, this delicate rose will charm you with its many talents. From the end of spring to the beginning of winter, the JEAN COCTEAU rose blooms again and again in profusion and in continuous rhythm. 

The flowers, grouped in bunches of 2 to 7 flowers, open their petals of 25 to 27, in fuzzy corollas with unique and special relief. This original rose shape is further accentuated by the new color called "inverted two-tone". In fact, the obverse (front side) of the petal, a deep ocher orange with a hint of pink, is lighter than the reverse. Once fully open, the flowers offer a view of their stamens that bees and other insects enjoy visiting. 

The JEAN COCTEAU rose proves to be a force of nature! With a vigorous and balanced vegetation, it forms an elegant bush that reaches about 80-90 cm in height. Its beautiful bright green leaves benefit from excellent disease resistance.

A hand of God for a garden without treatment! Presented at international rose competitions, the JEAN COCTEAU rose did not go unnoticed and collected a fine crop of awards and medals. Certificate of Merit Paris Bagatelle 2007. Gold Medal, Rose of the Year and Rose of Journalists Monza (Italy) 2008, Audience Award Le Roeulx (Belgium) 2008. Grande Rose du Siècle Lyon 2009. Best Floribunda Gold Standard (Kingdom) United) 2010 . Best Floribunda Asheville / Biltmore (North Carolina, USA) 2014. Best Floribunda and Silver Medal Adelaide (Australia) 2015. Gold Medal Rose Hills (USA) 2017. ARTS: American Rose Trials for Sustainability: Local Artist 2020. Variety labeled LABEL ROUGE. 

Thanks to its many qualities, the JEAN COCTEAU rose adapts to multiple uses in the garden. Individually, groups of 3 plants, flower beds, hedges, in a large pot on the terrace or balcony, alone or in combination, excels everywhere!

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