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German climbing rose bred by W. Kordes & Sons

Alaska ®

Alaska ®

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Man can create wonderful things. A rose breeder, the artist who spends thousands of hours in his garden studying and trying, then studying again and planting, can only create something never seen before.

Such a breeder is W. Kordes Sohne, who, in 2014 Germany, managed to bring us a wonderful rose with large 8 cm double white flowers, with up to 80 lightly fragranced petals, which he named Alaska.

Alaska is a beautiful climbing rose with pure white flowers, moderate growth and is very resistant to diseases. We deliver Alaska climbing roses with bare roots and we guarantee their growth. 

Quality 1+ (premium) Year 2 bushes, very sturdy, grafted on the best rootstock in the world right now, which gives the roses vigour and great resistance over time.

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