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Climbing rose bred by Armand Garcon

Madame Isaac Pereire ®

Madame Isaac Pereire ®

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We have a kind request straight from the great breeder Armand Garcon. It concerns a simply fascinating rose, with such an elegant and imposing presence that we can only kindly ask that you welcome it into your garden, so you can bask in its bloom repeatedly throughout the season.

It is without a doubt that you will be rewarded with many a display of colour and fragrance, but also with the chance to turn its edible petals into jam, which this rose is very diligent at providing.

It has huge cup-shaped fuchsia flowers of about 50 petals each and it can reach adult heights of 180-200cm.

Find a place for Madame Isaac Pereire in your garden or design a special area where this marvellous rose can thrive and feel like home, and we can promise you will not regret it.

Here at Famous Roses we were very happy to welcome this climber in our nursery and we are even happier to know that it can reach those who know how to appreciate its true value and beauty.

Not many jam roses can produce the fragranced edible petals that Madame Isaac Pereire can, so don’t hesitate, cause the jam made from it is truly spectacular.

Quality 1+ (premium) Year 2 bushes, very sturdy, grafted on the best rootstock in the world right now, which gives the roses vigour and great resistance over time.

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