LOVELY GREEN <br> - floribunda rose - -

€ 5,99 Livrare oriunde in Romania

- floribunda rose -

'Available in Autumn 2018, October-November'

A rose with a unique and stunning color that is able to surprise at first glance. It is a special rose, full of elegance and refinement. Getting a green rose is the ultimate challenge for breeders / creators of roses. This rose was created by Meilland Richardier in France and is a living proof that a green rose is possible. The flowers of this rose never fully open, thus keeping the elegant shape of a semi-open flower.

The 'Lovely Green' rose produces numerous double-colored, white-green flowers. They bloom from June to September. Its leaves are frizzy, intense green and the finely reeded rim, which encompasses the special charm of this rose. 'Lovely Green' grows in a vertical position and can reach an average height of 60 - 70cm and a spread of 30 - 40cm. The cut flowers resist very well in vase.