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French floribunda rose bred by Georges Delbard

Domaine de Chantilly ®

Domaine de Chantilly ®

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What the House of Delbard is offering this time is a glimpse of France, the very best of Chantilly. Some rose-lovers would say it’s a proper treasure. Others would name it a jewel and would be able to speak for hours about its rich petals and its intense fragrances. In any case, the Domaine Chantilly is a princely rose, truly worthy of its name.

It has rich, generous petals in shades of yellow, orange and pink, and a strong citrus fragrance. The Domaine de Chantilly was awarded the first prize in the Fragrance Class of the International Rose Competition in Madrid.

This Floribunda grows high and sturdy and is very resistant to diseases. It has abundant flowering, in generous clusters of 5-7 roses, which you can enjoy from May to first frost.

Recommended for cut flowers in vase and floral arrangements. The cut flower has a resistance of about 5 days.

Quality 1+ (premium) Year 2 bushes, very sturdy, grafted on the best rootstock in the world right now, which gives the roses vigour and great resistance over time.

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