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German hybrid tea rose bred by Tantau

Blue Moon ®

Blue Moon ®

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The moonligt sky on a June night? A bit of ocean turquoise at noon? A blue sky at dawn? Green from a rose leaf and red from a petal? Maybe the dark of the night mixed with fantasy green and red? We still don’t really comprehend the recipes envisioned by the House of Tantau, but the Blue Moon seems made of all of these combined.

What else would forge a violet-blue rose with strong fragranced flowers that will bloom repeatedly until late autumn? What we certainly know is that this gorgeous rose has to be planted very close to the house, by the door or below the window so you can savour its exotic fragrance every time. Its rare beauty and fragrance also recommended for cut flowers in vase and floral arrangements. The cut flower has a resistance of about 5 days.

Quality 1+ (premium) Year 2 bushes, very sturdy, grafted on the best rootstock in the world right now, which gives the roses vigour and great resistance over time.

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