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French hybrid tea rose bred by Meilland Richardier

Belle Romantica ®

Belle Romantica ®

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Romantic roses are the perfect combination of grace, the beauty of old roses, the abundant flowering and special resistance of modern roses that are part of the great Meilland family. One of the fragrant roses that are part of the ROMANTICA family is the beautiful BELLE ROMANTICA Meigapencey rose. T

his rose has all the charming qualities of a romantic rose, a beautiful pastel color and up to 65 medium fragrant petals. It has a large flower with a diameter of up to 11 cm. At maturity, this extremely healthy rose reaches heights between 60 and 90 cm. It has a good resistance to diseases and an excellent flowering throughout the season.

A magnificent rose that has been awarded repeatedly, winning in 2014 in Orleans the Perfume Award; The award for the best rose with large flowers and the Award for Perfume La Tacita.

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