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Climbing rose

Guirlande D'Amour ®

Guirlande D'Amour ®

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This garland of love full of elegance and sophistication is dedicated to all lovers in the world. Including the lovers of beauty whose mornings enter under the door or through the window, carrying with them the whole fragrance of the flowers from the garden. 

We know that Guirlande D' Amour is going to impress many with its highly sensual fragrance and its small and tender flowers with 9-15 petals each that will bloom repeatedly throughout the season. And we also know that you will find this rose either in the homes of young people or in the yards of ever-young gardeners. Because it will grow most beautiful where he feels that love never stops blooming. 

At maturity, Guirlande D' Amour can reach a height of 2-3m, being ideal for climbing on the wall, on the pillars of the house, on the vault or on the fence. And those who decide to bring such joy to their homes and hearts will thank us later for the recommendation. 

Quality 1+ (premium). The bushes are from the second year, they are healthy, obtained by grafting on the strongest rootstock in the world at the moment. It gives the roses vigor and great resistance over time.

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