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French floribunda rose bred by Meilland Richardier



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Make your work in the garden easier and choose the ICE MEILLANDECOR rose, this rose is one of the best choices for ground cover. With an absolutely natural charm, this flowering and very disease-resistant variety offers all summer and autumn its seductive white roses, which contrast pleasantly with the dark green of its foliage. With it, you beautify embankments and retaining walls and at the same time create magnificent carpets of roses without special maintenance or phytosanitary treatments. 

Exceptionally precocious, the Ice MEILLANDECOR rose begins to bloom from mid-May, then after its first stunning bloom, regularly delivers successive waves of flowers until frost. Generally grouped in light bouquets of 3 to 5 flowers, its roses, 3-5 cm in diameter, open their fifteen flat petals like wild eglantines. The very attractive flowers reveal their tuft of golden brown stamens much visited by bees. Almost pure white, their petals are sometimes veiled and depending on the climatic conditions they acquire shades of pink or ivory, which helps to complete their romantic charm.

Endowed with exceptional vigor, the ICE MEILLANDECOR rose develops long shoots that creep along the ground. When mature and untrimmed, the plant is approximately 60-80 cm tall and covers more than 1 m²! Its slender, spiny branches are adorned with small, elegant, shiny dark green leaves, often composed of 7 to 9 leaflets. An ideal setting for its delicate roses, its foliage benefits from excellent disease resistance and requires no sanitary treatment! 

Very low maintenance, it is not essential to prune this rose every year, except to reduce its size if necessary. It simply settles for a severe rejuvenation cut every 5 to 7 years. Ideal for decorating large inaccessible embankments or unsightly retaining walls.

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