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Floribunda Rose

Rhapsody in Blue ®

Rhapsody in Blue ®

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In the adjacent photo we have a gorgeous floribunda, with rich, blue flowers. As the name suggests, after all, Rhapsody In Blue. It's just that it's clear to everyone that this rose is neither blue nor blue. But, rather, purple. But this is precisely the game of this wonderful rose endowed by mother nature with an exceptional color. He, admired up close, has a violet-purple color with a white center and yellow stamens, semi-double and very soft to touch. But seen from afar, it appears to be blue. 

For us at Famous Roses, Rhapsody In Blue is both blue and purple. It is blue when we admire it from afar, complementing the currant red or deep velvety red of the other roses, or the orange and lime yellow of other wonders in the nursery of the famous. But it is also violet-purple when it is planted alone or when we get close to feel its fine and soft petals. Or to enjoy its intense fragrance. And if we're still talking about the play of colors, its vegetation is dark green and very attractive both up close and far away, and the rose can reach a height of 100-120 cm at full maturity. 

Quality 1+ (premium). The bushes are from the second year, they are healthy, obtained by grafting on the strongest rootstock in the world at the moment. It gives the roses vigor and great resistance over time.

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