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Romanian floribunda rose bred by Stefan Wagner

Foc de Tabara ®

Foc de Tabara ®

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'Foc de Tabara' is a spectacular floribunda rose, the perfect creation of breader of new varieties Stefan Wagner. A particularly rose which was obtained by crossing two exceptional floribundas: one French Coup de Foudre and the other German Paprika.

This rose has a peculiar feature to close strong shade of red on the edges of the petals, which gives the feeling that the petals are burned on the edges. It is a special floribunda rose, with a height average, which keeps its flowers straight in the bouquets, without fragrance.

The buds are opened slowly, showing a delicate flower. Bush is healthy and well-balanced. The flowers have a lovely behavior also in the rain, and is in general a rose highly resistant to diseases.

He got 2 silver medals at competitions in Rome (1973) and Hradec Kralove (current Cech Republic, 1975).

Blooms in flushes throughout the season. Can be used for beds, borders and container rose.

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