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- Climbing rose -

The climbing rose "Pierre de Ronsard" (Eden Rose) is a Meilland Richardier (France) creation and is exclusively offered in Romania by FamousRoses.EU. Our clients consider it a thriving beauty and from year to year the demand is higher than the available stock. Blooms for the first time in May-June with a burst of flowers that will create a splendid show in your garden. Each flower of this rose is large with over 60 petals having a globular shape. Some people may say that it is not fragrant and that the next blooming waves are not as spectacular as the first one. Yes, the following waves are less intense than the first wave. But the spectacular, magnificent and unique spectacle from May to June will be repeated every year. The color will seduce you and you will not be able to resist its creamy white combined with a pink carmine color. Our photos, though made by a professional, can not surprise the real beauty of this rose. Rose lovers all over the world have nicknamed "Eden Rose" and is awarded with any occasion. In 2006, Pierre de Ronsard, the climbing rose, was awarded with the distinction "la rose favorite du monde entier" from the World Federation of Rose Societies.

Species: Climbing Exposure: Sun Disease resistance: Good Blooming period: May to frost Height: 2m + Planting distance: 1-2 m Perfume: No Flower diameter: 10 cm Medals: Mega awarded

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