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French hybrid tea rose bred by Meilland Richardier

Toulouse Lautrec ®

Toulouse Lautrec ®

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You might already know that we, at Famous Roses, make sure that every day famous and worldwide winner roses get to the rose lovers of Romania and the Whole Europe.

In all these years we realised that those who visit our online garden, those who write to us and send us photos, they are the people we trust to truly love these wonderful roses.

One of the famous and winning species we deliver daily is a Meilland Richardier creation that won the Silver Medal for fragrance in Monza, Italy, in 1993. Looking at its photo you can’t stop to wonder why its magnificent yellow didn’t win an award.

If you’re looking for a patch of yellow for your garden, a seductive and fragranced rose, Toulouse Lautrec is your answer. Welcome it, plant it together with other roses and enjoy its yellow buds, opening into a romantic flower meant to spread beauty and fragrance in your entire garden. Toulouse Lautrec will bloom repeatedly throughout the season.

At Famous Roses, we enjoy this gorgeous rose every day and recommend it also for bouquets, because its flowers will stay fresh in a vase for up to 4-6 days.

Quality 1+ (premium) Year 2 bushes, very sturdy, grafted on the best rootstock in the world right now, which gives the roses vigour and great resistance over time.
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