Rose bushes for Denmark. We deliver bare root and potted garden roses all over Denmark.

Rose bushes for Denmark. We deliver bare root and potted garden roses all over Denmark.

At Famous Roses, we would like to think that we are different, that we do things our way and that we make sure that our famous roses make it safely into any place in Denmark. To Randers, Aalborg, Esbjerg or Roskilde or wherever else you are ready to create your own hygge garden spot.

It’s quite easy to feed your soul with beauty when you have the best quality roses by your side, award winners in competitions around the world. Even more so, knowing they will be delivered to you with a guarantee to grow. All you need to do is to take care of them, introduce them to the other flowers in your garden and, when they bloom, enjoy their spectacular displays of petals and colours unseen before in Denmark.

Discover our collections and get ready to fall in love with Papa Meilland, Prince Jardinier, Paul Gauguin or Leatitia Casta. You might discover that a Henry Matisse rose could add a bit of romance to your garden if you place it on the main alley or that Artemis could bring a fragrance that will make your garden the main attraction for your guests.

Remember that no matter which rose you order, tea hybrid, floribunda or the climbing ones, they can reach anywhere in Denmark because, at Famous Roses we make sure that these beautiful roses can be delivered to any Danish garden.

All 100% natural!

Highly Scented Roses

Let’s grow those green fingers

Fill your gardenwith wonderful fragrance. We sell roses that are recognized worldwide for their intense fragrance and their surprising perfume blends.


Climbers to our hearts

Climbers/Ramblers bring new heights of beauty and elegance and put on colour displays, both vertically and horizontally.


For us it’s always a pleasure to talk to rose lovers , please feel free to reach out to us by phone: +4 0751 269 077 or by email:

Fairy tale Bouquets

A rose bouquet straight from your garden will always be appreciated. What you do need, though, are roses that would last long in a vase.