Famous Roses Guarantee

Every time you choose Famous Roses, we guarantee exceptional quality. Additionally, our clients can benefit from expertise and advice from a dedicated team of rose lovers.

Nevertheless, should any dissatisfaction arise, we assure you it will be dealt with promptly and in a satisfactory manner for you, since we know this is how we can rely on your recommendations to other passionate gardeners.

If any roses are damaged or faulty on receipt, please get in contact within 24 hours. We kindly ask that you retain any packaging and contents.

Growth guarantee
Roses are living plants and problems may occasionally arise. If upon receipt, roses look healthy, but subsequently fail to grow, we will replace them free of charge, excluding the delivery costs. Please plant and care for the roses according to our instructions.

Variety (colour) and authenticity (genuine) Guarantee
Our roses are genuine products. Each plant comes with the breeder’s label, which certifies the rose authenticity and variety type.
Should any rose not grow into the expected variety, it will be replaced free of charge.

Exceptional quality guarantee
All our roses are premium quality. We only order high-quality products from our suppliers and then perform our own checks to ensure the highest standards. As a result, what you will get are healthy, well-developed plants, without any damaged stems, grafts or roots.

The guarantee cannot cover external circumstances that do not relate to the intrinsic rose quality. That includes: extreme weather conditions, incorrect use of fertilizers or pesticides, incorrect planting or negligence.

For example, if roses are not kept protected when temperatures go below -10°C, most of them will freeze. Similarly, in case of flooding or overwatering, roots will rot, while in the hot season, they can dry out if not taken care of.

The Growth and Variety Guarantee will last 6 months upon receipt.

To care for your roses according to our instructions.